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Web Soft House is a pharmacy management software that offers a comprehensive and integrated solution for your pharmacy business. Web Soft House enables you to manage all your pharmacy processes, such as drug database, barcode scanning, drug verification, automated refills, clinical communication, and EHR integration. Web Soft House also provides you with advanced reporting and analytics tools that help you monitor and optimize your performance and quality. Web Soft House is the ultimate solution for your pharmacy success.
Web Soft House pharmacy management software is a cloud-based solution that meets the end-to-end operational requirements for comprehensive pharmacy services. Whether you are a retail, hospital, or clinical pharmacy, Web Soft House can help you streamline your workflow, improve your efficiency, and enhance your customer satisfaction. With Web Soft House, you can manage your inventory, billing, accounting, reporting, and compliance with ease and accuracy.

We Manage It.

We offer outstanding services for improved management experience.

Point of Sale
Manage your day-to-day sales with our smart sales feature.

Stock Management
Excellent systematic ways of monitoring stock levels.

Sales Analytics
Forget bulky spreadsheets. Detailed daily, weekly and monthly reports help your business growth.

No Upfront Cost
No hidden installation charges.

Free Staff Training
We offer free training personnel for your business development.

24/7 Support
Our staff is at your assistance throughout the day.

Generate Reports
Helps you organize your patient reports in timely manner.

Compliance & Security
Keep your business protected with end-to-end secure encryption.

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Make Quick & Easy Sales

  • Ensure 0% leakages

  • Easily Manage Batch Numbers & Expires

  • Manage Sales of controlled drugs

  • Generate 10+ Reports

  • Cloud reporting, view reports from anywhere

  • Maximize your growth through a unified system

  • Optimize your business

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